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Due to the large impact of COVID-19, we had to take the decision to cancel the 2020 edition of the

GINMAKU Japanese Film Festival.

We are truly sad to announce the news.
Japan has declared a state of emergency and the situation is rapidly changing in my home town of Tokyo, too.
Just like many of you, I am not sure when I can meet my family in Japan again in person – not digitally.
It is a very difficult time for all of us but the GINMAKU team is trying to keep our heads up.
We will continue to work for GINMAKU 2021 every day until this crisis is over so that we can all meet at the cinema next year.


This crisis has affected almost all of our festival partners.
They are not giving up, either, and are carrying on with their passion during these severe times.

We wish that you and your families are safe and staying healthy. The GINMAKU team and I love the Swiss style greeting. But these days, we choose our Japanese way: we take a polite bow to send you regards from our hearts.

Thank you for reading - arigatou gozaimasu!

With my warmest regards,

Mizuki Mazbara

Festival Director